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Most Affordable Security Alarms

Looking for the most affordable security alarms? If you’re in the market for a security alarm system for home, you shouldn’t have to choose between finances and the safety of your family. Thankfully, there are ways to have a quality setup installed and monitored without breaking the bank.

Money-Saving Tips for Choosing a Security Alarm System for Home Use

1) Look at startup costs and monthly rates.

Early installation and monitoring companies charged a premium. There really wasn’t a way around it in the 1970s when everything had to be hardwired in by an expert and the tech was brand new. In order to gain an edge in the market, some companies started selling the equipment below cost and losing money on the install. Though getting customers on board was expensive for them, they made that money up by charging more each month.

Companies today use both models, so it’s important to not only look at what you’ll be paying to get set up and started, but also what the ongoing costs will be. As you narrow down your choices, do the math. Work out what each setup will cost over one year, two years, three years, and so on.

2) Go wireless.

Wired options are exactly what they sound like. All components are linked together with wires, which usually get embedded in the home’s walls. It’s less expensive to do this type when a structure is being built, but if you’re buying a security alarm system for home and the walls are already sealed, dealing with the drilling, drywall, and electrical work can add to the expense. Many options on the market today are wireless; the components can “talk” to each other without being hardwired.

3) Select a DIY option.

Some of the most affordable security alarms are considered DIY, which means you’ll handle the install yourself. This is largely possible due to the wireless technology now in use. Life Shield, for example, is a DIY option that can be set up with no special tools. You simply select the location for each component and then attach it to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape included in the kit. Programming is also a breeze. With a specially-designed user-friendly control panel and components, anyone who can handle setting a watch or using a smartphone can do the setup.

4) Watch out for contracts.

Some companies use phrasing like “lock in your rates,” so you think you’re getting a discount or that the rates for your security alarm system for home would otherwise skyrocket. It’s a sales technique designed to get you to sign up and commit to a contract. They do that because it does lock you in, but for their benefit.

You can’t leave if you find better rates or the service is bad. Companies that don’t require contracts have to earn your business month after month and they know this, so you’re more likely to get a good deal—and keep it—if you work with a company that doesn’t require a long-term contract.

5) Consider value.

You may have come here looking for info on the most affordable security alarms, but it’s worth noting that even bargain options all have different levels of service and quality. Some may not monitor security alarm system for home, others will have bare-bones components and cut additional corners to save money.

Maybe you do want to save money, but what if you could save money AND monitor for fires and carbon monoxide, plus have security cameras you can tap into with your smartphone? You’d probably go for it because it adds peace-of-mind without breaking your budget.

6) Watch for “unexpected” costs to get the most affordable security alarms.

While it is important to consider the up-front and ongoing costs of setup and monitoring, there’s one other big component that nobody likes to think of; what happens if something goes wrong? Unfortunately, not all setups come with monitoring, meaning they’re just noise to scare off an intruder. That can work, but it doesn’t always. Researchers at the University of North Carolina actually surveyed burglars from several states.

What they found out was that the biggest motivators for intruders is drugs and finding money for drugs. Moreover, a small percentage is not deterred by an alarm system. These are not only criminals, but criminals who are not thinking right because they’re fighting chemical withdrawal and motivated purely by their substance abuse.

If one of these people decides to enter your home, you will need a rapid response from the police department or, at the very least, footage from the scene that can help identify the person who entered in order to minimize your losses.

On another front, thousands of lives are still lost each year to carbon monoxide and fire. A security alarm system for home use should monitor for these things and call for help when you need it, but not all do. It’s good to be budget-conscious, but even the most affordable security alarms should provide you with peace-of-mind and protection on a number of levels.

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