Have you ever heard the saying: “No News is Good News”? Well, let’s just say this blog is full of Good News because it isn’t your average everyday blog.

  • Are you amongst those who actually take a moment to salute a brother in the friend zone?
  • Do you facepalm yourself when someone does or says something remarkably stupid?
  • Has your sarcasm reached level 9000?
  • Has your boredom exceeded that level?
  • Are you still looking for the 50th shade of Grey?

Well, this blog is the blog for you! Our bloggers are dedicated to finding the best in this so-called “World Wide Web”.  Don’t be so serious now, turn that frown upside down. This blog is not for everyone. With articles tailored for the everyday man, you may find your source of happiness and awesomeness, but, as they say,  “There’s no accounting for taste”.

Take Bill for example. When he’s on the internet and sees something that offends him, he simply moves on because he’s smart. Be like Bill. Follow his lead.

With that being said, sit back, relax and let us tickle the shit out of your brain.

Without further ado, let us leave you with a famous quote of Samuel L. Jackson:

Do you see any Teletubbies in here? Do you see a slender plastic tag clipped to my shirt with my name printed on it? Do you see a little Asian child with a blank expression on his face sitting outside on a mechanical helicopter that shakes when you put quarters in it? No? Well, that’s what you see at a toy store. And you must think you’re in a toy store, because you’re here shopping for an infant named Jeb.



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