Don’t be a cat

I’ve come to the realization that the secret for a good relationship might actually be one strange rule: “Don’t be a cat!”

Strange..I know. But, hear me out now.

These are some of the many things that can give you trouble in your relationship:

  1. You’re Independent
  2. You don’t listen
  3. You like to stay out all night
  4. When you’re home, you like to be left alone and sleep

Strangely enough, these are the same characteristics of cats. And as it turns out, I’ve never heard of a dog lady. It’s always about cat ladies.

The same thing she doesn’t like you to be, she loves in a cat.

Cats are independent. They don’t listen. They like to stay out all night. When they’re home, they like to be left alone and sleep.

Therefore, should you feel like doing something or acting a certain way, but are not quite sure if your girl would like that or not, perhaps the question to ask is: Is this cat-like?

Indeed, this could save you a lot of trouble.

Don’t be a cat.

No, I’m not talking about “Sniffing” and “Licking”. If that is your thing and she’s cool with it, go for it.

Just remember: Don’t be a cat!

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