Life Code

Okay, it has come to my attention that it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here.  So, as I was browsing the Internet, I found a few insights about Life that I think you could use. You’ve probably heard, or have said it yourself, that “Life is a Bitch”. Well, I’m not gonna say Read more

5 Ways to Deal with Bad Sex

Sex should be pleasurable. It should make you smile and feel happy. It should make you feel closer to your partner and strengthen your emotional and physical bond. But when sex is bad, it sucks in so many ways. We have the right to good sex. Good sex is good for us, for our partner Read more

7 reasons why Make-up Sex is the best Sex!

Make-up sex is in a category all on it’s own. It’s normal for a couple to have make-up sex after an argument. Most couples would agree that make-up sex has something extra special about it that their other times of being intimate don’t have. Let’s talk about why that is. YOU’RE EMOTIONS ARE RUNNING HIGH Read more

Rules we should live by part.1

When riding the escalator, stand on the right and leave the left open for passers. Don’t do this. 2. Don’t do this if you’re next in line. 3. Wearing headphones in public is code for “Don’t talk to me.” 4. Always leave a one-urinal buffer zone 5. Avoid “K” AT ALL COSTS Read more

Lying is an Art Form

I’ve always been told I could be a Liar…I mean, Lawyer. Sorry! These two are so confusing sometimes that I get them confused . However, what I want to talk about right now is not “Lawyers”, but “Liars”. Lying is an Art Form. It takes skills to be a good liar. No, I’m not talking Read more

No, Whatsapp is not an excuse to do nothing with your Life!

So I was writing an answer on Quora to this dumb college party girl, and I thought this would be a perfect post here, as another unspoken rule of common sense and self awareness : The Question was “I end up wasting a lot of time on WhatsApp. What could help me in such a Read more

Things you should know, ladies…!

Ok, now I’m going to talk to you ladies. Here are some interesting stuff we guys think you should know about us: You should never end an argument with us with the word “Fine”. “Fine” is not an acceptable way to end an argument. Honesty is good. But, do you really want to ask questions Read more

It’s all about Perspective

In human relations, perspective tends to play a huge part. Not understanding that may lead to quite a few unnecessary wrong doings. So that I can make what I’m saying a little bit clearer, let me entertain you with a story: Don’t ask me more about him, but there was this Doctor in Psychiatry named Read more