Politics 101 : It’s not about saying, it’s about branding

People are freaking out about what Trump has said those last few months. You are missing the point. Here’s the most important unspoken rule in politics, that everybody knows but seem to forget here : It’s about saying, not doing. Once they’re elected, politicians never do what they said they’ll do. It’s all about communication.

There will be no wall. It’s called a publicity stunt. And it worked.

While down to Earth people know this guy is a genius at personal branding, explaining his behavior and positions, the majority act shocked and offended, like any of his crazy measures would become real.

The goal was most likely to create a buzz, get the media’s attention, put himself even more on the map and in the minds of the voters.

On the other hand, everyone in the world knows that some Americans have a problem with Mexicans (don’t give me sh*t for that). You just have to watch series and movies, or common racist jokes to learn about it. Not to mention that the majority of cocaine flows come from there.

Like -I think- the rest of his campaign, he takes a crazy and extreme measure for something that disturbs many Americans. It doesn’t mean he’s gonna do it if he makes President.

Common sense clearly says that he won’t and can’t build this wall between the US and Mexico. But it made him popular. He’s a living proof that showing you have big balls and you can take charge will go a long way.


Reality Call : The only 2 ways to get rich in less than a decade

Assuming you start from zero or near zero…

I have a love story with reality so I won’t try to bury you under sunshine and rainbows like “invest in compound interest” or “save that much every month”, or my very favorite: “set your goals and believe in yourself”.

You want to know what is the opportunity to get an outcome, then let’s directly look at the outcome: Who makes that kind of money? I don’t think I’m taking a lot of risks if I say that there are only two kinds of people who do:

  • Either you work for yourself, that means you create a startup, a company, doesn’t have to be a tech/app/website, it could be a store, a successful restaurant or whatever. You grow it, work hard, especially on who you hire (and fire!) and  you have a chance to make that kind of money every year, probably even with two more zeros!
  • Or you work for someone else, and there is only one way to get that kind of salary: having a fancy degree, MBA, law school, etc. Even then, you would have to be full of talent, be much better than the crowd. Typically, you can become a quant for investment banks(that is to say a math genius who also kills it at programming…) or hedge funds, being a genius in marketing or communication or whatever, so that despite your young age companies will be ready to pay for your services, loyalty, and burnout hard work.

Regarding the passive income thing, I know I’m quite severe with what seems to be a great idea. But look at the numbers, be realistic, and you’ll see that there’s no way you can achieve that. The numbers don’t add up. Maybe after 20 years, but not 5 or even 10. Unless you’re starting with a million dollars in capital from daddy…

If it even exists, Happiness is not that you think

What are the most overrated things ever?
  1.  Sex
  2. Pretty Girls
  3. Sex with pretty girls.

Now that we got this out of the way, I’d like to mention Happiness.

I think this concept is the biggest hoax of our era. It is only a holy grail or holy carrot that you try to follow with short term gratifications, parties, hookups, fast food, buying iphones and plasma TVs in order to get that little rush of dopamine.

When the dopamine is gone, you think you’re doing something wrong (or if you’re really stupid : not enough of it!) and you try it again.

Happiness is the promise of Heaven on Earth : that thing, that person, that item or feeling that you will one day get and solve everything, make you happy as if you had a permanent morphine shot going on.

I think that concept of happiness strictly equals consumerism.
So happiness is overrated because it doesn’t exist and it’s a coward exit : you want to be happy all the time, and never suffer.

Whereas TRUE fulfillment (not using happiness on purpose here!) probably must go through suffering and victory. But the suffering is never over, and that’s a part of life. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. There’s no pleasure without pain, despite what the western Oprah culture tries to teach you.

How to be the most popular kid in High School/College/University

I’m going to bring a highly down to Earth answer. I don’t know how to make the other kind. To see those, just go on any/most other website or blog.
High School/College/University is for young people, obviously. And those people see the world in a very flat western hollywoody and immature way, whether they’re 15 or 25 (on average, of course). So, the answer to how to be the most popular kid is :
Get in the basketball/Football team. And be quite good, preferably.
Being physically attractive helps A LOT…
Get involved in campus life, associations, etc. which will help you meet many more people.
– You don’t have to remember their name, just to high five them with a bro attitude like you haven’t seem them in years, even if you’ll do it everyday.
Do some crazy stuff during parties and stuff. But not too crazy, or the opposite effect will occur and you’ll be wacko. There’s a fine line between party Kind/Queen and creep crazy drunk guy. Find it.
Talk VERY loud with a big douchebag smile.
Or, you can simply reconsider that goal and do something with your life.

No, Whatsapp is not an excuse to do nothing with your Life!

So I was writing an answer on Quora to this dumb college party girl, and I thought this would be a perfect post here, as another unspoken rule of common sense and self awareness :

The Question was “I end up wasting a lot of time on WhatsApp. What could help me in such a situation?

My answer was :

Despite all the answers saying it, this is not a Whatsapp/app/notification problem. This is a procrastination problem.
Even if you uninstall Whatsapp, which we both know you will never do, the problem will be translated to another platform.
Pretty soon you will start posting questions on Quora like “I end up wasting a lot of time on Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/Youtube. What could help me in such a situation?”
You are in an engineering college so you’re not that dumb, you’re actually pretty smart compared to the average person. So why on Earth would you think this is a Whatsapp problem?
I know you’re only 19 or whatever, you just got in college, met a lot of new people, you party three times a week, etc. But that doesn’t give you a free pass to anti-commonsenseville.
The random stranger douche who just told you what you aready knew but tried to avoid by asking random questions on the internet.

And you, how often do you use your apps as excuses for being a lazy ass b*tch?

It’s not okay to treat a sore shoulder with facial ejaculation!

We all heard of natural medicine. It’s out there, it’s good, good for you. But on January 11th, a doctor at the Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC) took the “natural” a bit too far.

Allegedly, that doctor drugged his female patient with morphine to relax her sore shoulder (it must have been a VERY sore shoulder…). Then she counted the authorities that he turned around, started whacking his Kylo Ren and went full dark side, finishing his little pleasure with a PG18 session on the damsel’s face.

Now. I don’t know if that’s some sort of new natural or new age medicine stuff we haven’t heard about. But if it is, I’d like to know before I get to the emergency room next time! How would this guy treat a broken leg or nose then? I mean come on Doc… or not! Please don’t… come… on anything. Ever again.

In today’s world, where the media talk about phony elections and terrorism, some fanatic occult c*mshot medicine group is silently taking over the American health care system. And no one even cares!

Remember to go with a friend or a family member next time you go to the Hospital. Because you never know what might catch your eyes there…


Source : Huffington Post article (unfortunately no, it’s not a fake).