It’s all about Perspective

In human relations, perspective tends to play a huge part. Not understanding that may lead to quite a few unnecessary wrong doings.
So that I can make what I’m saying a little bit clearer, let me entertain you with a story:

Don’t ask me more about him, but there was this Doctor in Psychiatry named “Waltzlavick”. He was expected in a certain Hospital..perhaps, as a new staff member. At his arrival, he noticed this young girl who, in his mind, had to be the secretary, and approached her saying,

“I am Waltzlavick”.

He was hoping that she would know who he is, since they’re supposed to be expecting him, and do the necessary. However, her reply was,

“I didn’t say you were”.

Now, of course, he’s thinking she might be a patient who, somehow, escaped and nobody in the staff has noticed that yet, So he decided to proceed gently and said,

“Well, I am…I am!” (all the while hoping that she’s not crazy).

But, she again came up with a rather strange reply. She said,

“Well, why did you say you’re not?”.

Now, to him, it’s confirmed. She is definitely not in her right mind. However, little did he know that all this time, she was actually thinking the same thing about him too. For, here is how she perceived what just happened: A strange guy approached her with a rather strange statement,

“I am NOT slavic”.

Of course, working there for a while now, she knows that patients in psychiatry often have this kind of behavior. They are delusional and paranoid. But she can’t be sure. She has to proceed carefully. So, she said,

“I didn’t say you were” (hoping the guy would have a more consistent reply, proving he’s not crazy after all).

But unfortunately, the guy came up with an even stranger reply,

“But, I am…I am!”

Now, it’s confirmed. He is definitely a Paranoid Schizophrenic. He’s definitely suffering from some kind of delusion. Thus, she said,

“Well, why did you say you’re not?”

So, here we have two people seemingly communicating, yet not having the slightest idea of what’s really going on, all due to the problem of perception.
Moral of the story: Don’t be an arse when dealing people. If you’re thinking somebody’s crazy, chances are, he or she is thinking the same about you…!
Now, if you’re interested in learning more about how we wrongly perceive our Reality, I suggest “Quantum Psychology” by Robert Anton Wilson.
Have fun..and remember: Don’t be an Arse!

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