Reality Call : The only 2 ways to get rich in less than a decade

Assuming you start from zero or near zero…

I have a love story with reality so I won’t try to bury you under sunshine and rainbows like “invest in compound interest” or “save that much every month”, or my very favorite: “set your goals and believe in yourself”.

You want to know what is the opportunity to get an outcome, then let’s directly look at the outcome: Who makes that kind of money? I don’t think I’m taking a lot of risks if I say that there are only two kinds of people who do:

  • Either you work for yourself, that means you create a startup, a company, doesn’t have to be a tech/app/website, it could be a store, a successful restaurant or whatever. You grow it, work hard, especially on who you hire (and fire!) and  you have a chance to make that kind of money every year, probably even with two more zeros!
  • Or you work for someone else, and there is only one way to get that kind of salary: having a fancy degree, MBA, law school, etc. Even then, you would have to be full of talent, be much better than the crowd. Typically, you can become a quant for investment banks(that is to say a math genius who also kills it at programming…) or hedge funds, being a genius in marketing or communication or whatever, so that despite your young age companies will be ready to pay for your services, loyalty, and burnout hard work.

Regarding the passive income thing, I know I’m quite severe with what seems to be a great idea. But look at the numbers, be realistic, and you’ll see that there’s no way you can achieve that. The numbers don’t add up. Maybe after 20 years, but not 5 or even 10. Unless you’re starting with a million dollars in capital from daddy…

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