It’s not okay to treat a sore shoulder with facial ejaculation!

We all heard of natural medicine. It’s out there, it’s good, good for you. But on January 11th, a doctor at the Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC) took the “natural” a bit too far.

Allegedly, that doctor drugged his female patient with morphine to relax her sore shoulder (it must have been a VERY sore shoulder…). Then she counted the authorities that he turned around, started whacking his Kylo Ren and went full dark side, finishing his little pleasure with a PG18 session on the damsel’s face.

Now. I don’t know if that’s some sort of new natural or new age medicine stuff we haven’t heard about. But if it is, I’d like to know before I get to the emergency room next time! How would this guy treat a broken leg or nose then? I mean come on Doc… or not! Please don’t… come… on anything. Ever again.

In today’s world, where the media talk about phony elections and terrorism, some fanatic occult c*mshot medicine group is silently taking over the American health care system. And no one even cares!

Remember to go with a friend or a family member next time you go to the Hospital. Because you never know what might catch your eyes there…


Source : Huffington Post article (unfortunately no, it’s not a fake).

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