In the Beginning was Grammar

I have, many times, seen people Torturing and Killing the English Language.

Heck… I have seen people killing every single one of the few Languages that I actually know. And being the kind of person that I am, I could not let that go on without saying anything. Therefore, I have decided to share some of my thoughts here:

  1. “You was” is not English!
    I don’t know where you got it from, but one does not simply say “You was”in front of me and get away with it.
  2. Should you feel the need to say “Aks” when you see the word “Ask”…Don’t.
    I would have thought it pretty obvious to anyone that the “s” comes before the “k”.
  3. “Can you please pass me this Shit?… No, the one that’s upon of that Shit” simply does not make sense.
    “Shit” is not an “All-Purpose” word. One does not simply use it to describe or name everything. Beside, we already have “Fuck” as a Magical Word…!  🙂
  4. Now, it has also come to my attention that some people read “Faux” as “Fox”.
    This is simply wrong, people!
    Here is a simple explanation that was hanging around Facebook the other day:
  5. You do not say “I swear the God”. What sense does that make?
    The right wording of it is “I swear to God”.
    Now, don’t you see that makes more sense?

We are made of Language.

Heck..the whole of Reality is made of Language. We’re prisoners of that Multi-Dimensional Language. Language defines our experience of Reality.

“Let’s eat Grandma” is not the same thing as “Let’s eat, Grandma”. The more one pays attention to the Structure of Language, the more one realizes how it defines his/her experience of Reality.

Then, of course, I should not go without leaving you with this:

PS. If you hear a word and are not quite sure how it’s spelled, try researching it. If you already know it’s meaning, it would be even better.

You don’t want to use a word you don’t know the meaning of! You might end up using it in the wrong sentence or the wrong situation. And that is only telling me that you’re just Stupid.

So, as the good person that I seemingly am, I have to say that last thing:

“Lack Toast and Tolerant” is not a term. There is, in fact, a condition known as “Lactose Intolerance”.Just because it sounds like this is what you heard does not mean this is what it is.

This is just something I thought you should know…

Have yourself a Blast! And remember…Grammar Police are everywhere! 🙂

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