A Few Words of Wisdom for You

Between Genius and Madness, there is a little something called “Wisdom”. And since, I’m right in the middle of them, I do occasionally come up with a few useful stuffs.

Here are some rules for you people:

  1. Don’t ever, I repeat, DON’T EVER ARGUE WITH A WOMAN. You see people, we guys have a tendency to make sense. We need to use logic. And like the wise guys said, A woman is not going to let a little something like “Sense” mess up her argument.
  2. Don’t ever argue with a stupid person. You might end up looking more stupid.
    PS. If he/she looks stupid, chances are, he/she probably is
  3. Don’t ever go home without calling first.
    Sure, you trust her…and she probably won’t do anything wrong. But, do you really want to tempt fate? They are things that are better left unknown. So, before leaving work: CALL! Say you’re on your way.
  4. Don’t ever let your friends drink more than they can handle. Of course, if it’s not going to be your responsibility to deal with them afterward, then, so be it. But, if you know you’re gonna have to deal with the headache that comes after, don’t let them drink too much. (That comes as a personal Experience)
  5. Don’t choose anything you know you can’t handle the outcome of. If your girl says “Don’t or I’ll…”, if you know you can’t deal with what comes after “I’ll…”, then DON’T! It’s that simple, guys.
    But, just so that you can really capture what I’m saying, I will leave you with that short video. It should really put things into perspective for you.

    Directed and Produced by Juhahn JonesWhen woman show you the REAL Reason why they’re the Boss in the Relationship.󾌯LoL Ladies TAG someone if y’all flexed on Bae like this B4!󾌩 @Margarita_larue

    Posted by Juhahn Jones on Sunday, January 17, 2016

  6. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT EVER LIE ON YOUR WEENIE!
    Your Weenie is your best friend, and if it hasn’t done something, there should be no reason to lie about it. This is not a good thing to do if you expect to some day become Pope. Have you noticed that all popes have a weenie? You need to be on good terms with your weenie if you expect to be Pope.
  7. Please…there is nothing victorious about your sex life. She might be loud and everything, but that does not mean you’re doing anything. In fact, chances are, you’re not doing crap….nothing other than loosing Energy.

These, my friends, are my words of Wisdom to you.

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