Enter the Sanctum of Lies

I want to talk to you about something that I think is very important.
I have seen that quite a few times…people simply believing something they’ve read on the Internet just because it was there, thinking it to be true (simply because it was on the Internet). And I thought I should write a little something about that.

Now, I am not saying that everything on the Internet is a lie. I surely am not saying that.
I am simply saying, just because something is on the Internet does not make it true.

Yes, the Internet is fun and there are some interesting information you can find there. But, that does not mean that everything there is true.
As an example: Did you know what Einstein said about Smart People?

Here is what he said:

False Einstein Quote

Now, of course, it’s very likely that Einstein may have had these sentiments. But at the same time, just because I have a quote with a certain picture of Einstein (or any other smart Mother Fucker, for that matter) does not make the quote his.

Here is another example of a seemingly quote of Einstein that I’ve seen people throwing around the Internet, that is most likely not his.

Albert-Einstein-Quote False

So, obviously, there is an important message to this quote. It is quite meaningful, of course. But, there is actually nothing of Einstein that would suggest he ever said anything like this.

Again, he could have had these sentiments. And I am quite capable of being wrong (despite my tendency to think the contrary). But, while this quote may be true, in terms of the message, it’s Obviously not so, in terms of the person it is attributed to.

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said about the Internet?

Abr Internet


Anyhow, this is something I thought you should know and consider. But, in case I haven’t made myself clear enough, I shall leave you with this short video. Perhaps, it will do a better job than Me.

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