How to be the most popular kid in High School/College/University

I’m going to bring a highly down to Earth answer. I don’t know how to make the other kind. To see those, just go on any/most other website or blog.
High School/College/University is for young people, obviously. And those people see the world in a very flat western hollywoody and immature way, whether they’re 15 or 25 (on average, of course). So, the answer to how to be the most popular kid is :
Get in the basketball/Football team. And be quite good, preferably.
Being physically attractive helps A LOT…
Get involved in campus life, associations, etc. which will help you meet many more people.
– You don’t have to remember their name, just to high five them with a bro attitude like you haven’t seem them in years, even if you’ll do it everyday.
Do some crazy stuff during parties and stuff. But not too crazy, or the opposite effect will occur and you’ll be wacko. There’s a fine line between party Kind/Queen and creep crazy drunk guy. Find it.
Talk VERY loud with a big douchebag smile.
Or, you can simply reconsider that goal and do something with your life.
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