No, Whatsapp is not an excuse to do nothing with your Life!

So I was writing an answer on Quora to this dumb college party girl, and I thought this would be a perfect post here, as another unspoken rule of common sense and self awareness :

The Question was “I end up wasting a lot of time on WhatsApp. What could help me in such a situation?

My answer was :

Despite all the answers saying it, this is not a Whatsapp/app/notification problem. This is a procrastination problem.
Even if you uninstall Whatsapp, which we both know you will never do, the problem will be translated to another platform.
Pretty soon you will start posting questions on Quora like “I end up wasting a lot of time on Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/Youtube. What could help me in such a situation?”
You are in an engineering college so you’re not that dumb, you’re actually pretty smart compared to the average person. So why on Earth would you think this is a Whatsapp problem?
I know you’re only 19 or whatever, you just got in college, met a lot of new people, you party three times a week, etc. But that doesn’t give you a free pass to anti-commonsenseville.
The random stranger douche who just told you what you aready knew but tried to avoid by asking random questions on the internet.

And you, how often do you use your apps as excuses for being a lazy ass b*tch?

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