Things you should know, ladies…!

Ok, now I’m going to talk to you ladies.

Here are some interesting stuff we guys think you should know about us:

  1. You should never end an argument with us with the word “Fine”.
    “Fine” is not an acceptable way to end an argument.
  2. Honesty is good. But, do you really want to ask questions you would not like the answers to?
  3. Provoking a Large and Dangerous-Looking guy…Not Cool!
  4. If you don’t like your sex-life, if you want a better sex-life, Don’t…I repeat DO NOT EVER FAKE AN ORGASM!
    How else are we supposed to know we messed up?
  5. We guys have troubles with the few colors we know, as simple as they are. Don’t make it more difficult for us: Grape is not a color..not for us!
  6. If you want us to be polite enough to leave the toilet seat down for you, be generous enough to leave it up for us.
    You need it down. We need it up.
  7. No…the middle of the Game is not the time for you to be turned on. Wait until the half-time.
  8. If you don’t like “This”, talk about “This” now. Don’t wait 3 years later to bring it up. We already forgot about that crap.
  9. If you called us on our cell phone and we didn’t pick up, you can leave a message (if urgent), or text. But, don’t ever ever call, text and leave a message all together (and seven  times in a row).
    Not Cool…!
  10. We can’t read Minds. Don’t expect us to. If you want something, or have something to say…say it or remain silent forever.    🙂
  11. If you’re thinking “No”…just say “No”. Don’t say “Yes” and expect us to think “No”.

These are some of the things I thought you should know about. More shall come on another day…!


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