Lying is an Art Form

I’ve always been told I could be a Liar…I mean, Lawyer.

Sorry! These two are so confusing sometimes that I get them confused . However, what I want to talk about right now is not “Lawyers”, but “Liars”.

Lying is an Art Form. It takes skills to be a good liar.

No, I’m not talking about the bunch of idiots who misuse the Art…I mean the ones whose words you can’t believe..the ones when they say “Good Morning” to you, you have to go outside, see if it’s really morning before you answer them.

No…I’m not talking about these suckers!

I’m talking about the Incredibly Talented Liars…the ones who are so pure, you can’t believe they would lie to you. These are the seemingly honest ones, because (let’s face it)…they are that Good!


Here are some basic principles for a good lie:

  1. It should not be too unrealistic.
    Unrealistic lies are basically SCREAMING what they are.
  2. If you’re going to lie, make sure that your lie is very close to what’s really possible. I’m talking about something the person you’re lying to would actually believe to be true about you (or whatever the heck you’re lying about)
  3. Keep it close to something that actually happened to you.
    You want your lie to be as Realistic as possible.
    A good lie is always that which that draws from the Truth.
    (Remember the serpent in the Garden?)…”Scratch that…this is better!” 🙂
  4. Don’t lie too often or people are going to start noticing.
    You don’t want people to start doubting you. The point of lying is for it to pass as truth. So, if people know you’re lying, this means you just missed your mark.
  5. Only use your best lies (if possible) in case of Emergency.
    Again, you don’t want to go around lying to every living being you see on your way.
    This is how you get caught.
  6. Look at your lie from every perspectives. Chances are, you can’t remember all the lies you’ve ever told. That means, at some point, somebody’s going to catch you in a lie. Seeing the lie from every perspective gives you a way out, in case you get caught.
    Let me be clearer with that part: If somebody catches you in a lie, you need to be able to defend yourself. You need to be able to lie your way out of that lie.
    (Yes, lies only conceive lies).
  7. If you actually believe it, it’s not a lie. So, that can always help.
  8. If it actually happened, but not when you said it did, it’s not a lie.
  9. Don’t exaggerate on your Resumé. You really don’t want this to happen to you:

These were some rules that I thought any good Liar should know. Now, don’y go saying I’ve never done anything for you!

No need to thank me. I know how useful this information was! 🙂

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