Reality Call : The only 2 ways to get rich in less than a decade

Assuming you start from zero or near zero… I have a love story with reality so I won’t try to bury you under sunshine and rainbows like “invest in compound interest” or “save that much every month”, or my very favorite: “set your goals and believe in yourself”. You want to know what is the opportunity Read more

If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.

-Catherine Aird

In the Beginning was Grammar

I have, many times, seen people Torturing and Killing the English Language. Heck… I have seen people killing every single one of the few Languages that I actually know. And being the kind of person that I am, I could not let that go on without saying anything. Therefore, I have decided to share some Read more

How much do you like Chocolate?

Well this guy loves it so much he had to bathe in 520lbs of it to fully his dream! Have a good laugh! Read more

Going on Tinder to find friends is like going on PornHub to watch Disney Movies.

-George B.

Have you been thinking about the backdoor?

More than 50% of women do it, and everyone already knows all men want to try it.  So, here a nice tutorial to make butt lovin’ actually pleasurable for both parties! You know you shouldn’t…butt fuck it! Read more

I heard sex was like a gas station. Sometimes you have full service. Sometimes you got to ask for service. And sometimes you got to just go with self-service.

A Few Words of Wisdom for You

Between Genius and Madness, there is a little something called “Wisdom”. And since, I’m right in the middle of them, I do occasionally come up with a few useful stuffs. Here are some rules for you people: Don’t ever, I repeat, DON’T EVER ARGUE WITH A WOMAN. You see people, we guys have a tendency Read more

It’s not okay to treat a sore shoulder with facial ejaculation!

We all heard of natural medicine. It’s out there, it’s good, good for you. But on January 11th, a doctor at the Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC) took the “natural” a bit too far. Allegedly, that doctor drugged his female patient with morphine to relax her sore shoulder (it must have been a VERY sore shoulder…). Then she counted the Read more

It’s okay to say “Fuck”

I know some people find it quite wrong to use the word “Fuck”. But, I’m here to tell you that it’ okay to use the word, as long as you’re not being an arse with it.  Then again, if that’s the case, it’s your “fucking” problem! (See what I did there?) Anyhow, I’m not the Read more