Politics 101 : It’s not about saying, it’s about branding

People are freaking out about what Trump has said those last few months. You are missing the point. Here’s the most important unspoken rule in politics, that everybody knows but seem to forget here : It’s about saying, not doing. Once they’re elected, politicians never do what they said they’ll do. It’s all about communication.

There will be no wall. It’s called a publicity stunt. And it worked.

While down to Earth people know this guy is a genius at personal branding, explaining his behavior and positions, the majority act shocked and offended, like any of his crazy measures would become real.

The goal was most likely to create a buzz, get the media’s attention, put himself even more on the map and in the minds of the voters.

On the other hand, everyone in the world knows that some Americans have a problem with Mexicans (don’t give me sh*t for that). You just have to watch series and movies, or common racist jokes to learn about it. Not to mention that the majority of cocaine flows come from there.

Like -I think- the rest of his campaign, he takes a crazy and extreme measure for something that disturbs many Americans. It doesn’t mean he’s gonna do it if he makes President.

Common sense clearly says that he won’t and can’t build this wall between the US and Mexico. But it made him popular. He’s a living proof that showing you have big balls and you can take charge will go a long way.


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