Bro Code 2.0


I know, I know, you’ve probably heard all of this before. But, this is not about me telling you anything…really. This is the Upgraded version of the Bro Code…and this one has a particular focus.

These are some of the “Don’ts” of the Bro Code…something that is extremely and entirely for all Bros. So, if you don’t consider yourself a bro, this is probably not for you. (I think the “non-bros” would agree with me on that one).


That’s the first one…and, I’m not quite sure that is too Bro, do you?

Here is another one

Men 2

Now, that is definitely not Bro material, right?

Here is something else:

Men 3

Now, unless it’s a girlfriend he’s talking to, I’m not quite sure this is bro stuff.

Men 4

This better be a Girl texting him. If not, then…Bruh…Bruh…come on, bruh!

Men 5

This one seems inoffensive enough, right? Unless, of course, they’re watching porn. (See the first version of the Bro Code “The Essential Guy Code” for more on this one).

Men 6

Should I even say anything here…? Quite Obvious, right?

Anyhow, I thought I’d share these with you so that (for those of you who do not know) you can know what’s not “bro-type”.

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